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    Mar 26, 2011
    no where ohio
    Hey, just wanted to post a very strong warning against ridgeway hatchery in larue ohio. We went there this past thursday to pick up ducks and on impulse got 25 comet pullets. Well that impulse was more of a mercy buy. This place was the most disgusting place i have ever seen. The smell was horrid and i have NEVER been in a place so filthy or icky in my life. We took our three year old with us to get these babies and i REFUSED to even let him eat the sucker they had in a bowl that they gave him. I felt like i needed to use purell on our bodies once we left. Then to top it off as of today ALL but 3 chicks are DEAD. I have NEVER had this issue before in my life! we set the 3 alive apart from all other chickies we have and gave teramyacin and super strong heat lamp.
  2. Mikki Rizor

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    Jun 15, 2013
    Well, it is a hatchery so I am not sure you had a realistic expectation. It is a mail order company so the focus is on mail order not walk in retail. They have been in business 90 years, so they must be doing something right.
  3. LaurensCoop

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    Dec 25, 2016
    Yes you are right they must be doin something rong ...im buying 3ducks from there mabye its your fault DONT SHIP DUCKS im goin to pic them up bc they r like 2hrs away from me

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