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    Jun 21, 2011
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    Some of you might recall me posting about 8 weeks ago, when I'd been bamboozled by my neighbor's daughter, the Mischievous Miss Sarah, who had slipped an egg into my coop just as my pullets reached the 12-week mark. Too early . . . to fine an egg . . It didn't take me long to sniff out the culprit. [​IMG]

    So here we are at 20 weeks, and I have seven eggs in three days. Of the birds I have, I suspected the RSLs. I've confirmed that in part.

    The first eggs were found out and about the floor of the coop. I took an hour to finish up the hinges on the top of the external nest boxes and take off the barrier I had on the inside to keep them out of them until they were laying. Before I was out of the coop, one of the RSLs was burrowing into the straw I'd put into one of the nests.

    Once the nests were opened, they've taken right to them. Every egg since has been in the nests, none on the floor.

    Ladies, in every way, they are.
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    Congrats on the real eggs, but kudos to the Mischievious Miss Sarah--that's funny stuff! [​IMG]

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