(Right thread?) Is there anywhere where you can rent chickens?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by animalove, Aug 23, 2011.

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    Sorry if this isn't in the right thread!

    Ok, so may dad is absolutely set that we cannot own any chickens or ducks and I know that he will defiently not change his mind as I have been trying to for the last two months or so. He did state that he would let me rent chickens or ducklings though so I was wandering if there are any sites or places in Australia where you can rent chickens or ducks? It be great if you get to hatch and then grow them but adult chickens or ducks are good too [​IMG] Nothing too expensive though as I have to pay for it myself. Thanks!
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    Jul 19, 2011
    I don't know any details, but friends of mine moved back from Sydney recently to find I had chickens. And they were dead jealous, the were really tempted by a setup in Sydney that you could have short term ownership of chickens (3 months or more I think) and then at the end, gave all the stuff back... I guess the catch was that chickens rock, and you will never give them back.

    If I find out more, I'll drop a reply.

    Good luck
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    Alright, thanks! [​IMG]
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    Jul 20, 2011
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    Sorry, I don't have a suggestion for you, but this reminds me of the old American TV series, "Green Acres", where a certain Mr Haney would rent you anything, therefore one episode was about renting a rooster and a hen, LOL.

    I hope it's possible in real life too, though I can't imagine "renting" them and then having to part with them? And what if something happens, heaven forbid? Maybe it would be best to try to convince your Dad?
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  5. animalove

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    Quote:I really wish I could own them but its a certain 100% that my dad won't budge- I won't give up though! I shall never stop asking xD
  6. ChickenSahib

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    May 21, 2011
    Once he eats those eggs, they'll be no more problems [​IMG]
  7. ChicKat

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    Here is my suggestion:

    Establish yourself as a 'chicken sitter'. This is a service that is really needed. Chicken owners need someone to care for their flock when they go on vacation. You could set the terms, and presumably be paid something for your services. I know that they have chicken sitters in the UK, and there is someone here on BYC working to set up some chicken sitting informatioin.

    People with smallish portable coops could bring their chickens to you coop and all, and they would/should bring feed and other things. You would provide the daily care, water, egg gathering. Then when their vacation/holiday was overwith, they would take the chickens back. You may get to experience several different kinds/breeds of chickens. Perhaps, your father would support your plan if you are establishing your own business.

    Alternatively, you could possibly build a coop/run, and have people just bring their chickens to you. Your would need to really investigate things like biosecurity etc., but what a fun thing IMO. When I was living in Austrialia, my dad had rented us a house, and the house was raised. Beneath the back porch there was a cage built for budgies---but there were no birds. Maybe you will have a setup that really lends itself to chickens.

    Good luck, I hope that you are caring for chickens very soon.
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    Jan 1, 2011
    To be honest, I wouldn't ever "rent" my chickens out, or send them to someone else's house to be watched, especially if I knew that they intended to have multiple sets of birds moving through their property in a short time frame. It's not worth endangering my whole flock to transfer them to a coop I haven't personally seen "sterilized" between groups, and there's always potential for things in the soil.

    Could you instead try and convince your dad to let you raise some chicks up and sell point of lay hens? You can make a few bucks AND get fuzzy butts.
  9. foxypoproxy

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    Aug 2, 2011
    Madison, CT
    You could foster chickens that need homes kinda like how people foster dogs from shelters that need homes and hold them till someone can adopt them.
    If you know any shelters that carry chickens you can offer your services there, then if someone ever wants to adopt that chicken they will give you a call and you will have to give it back.
    (but think about it, while your foster this chicken, maybe your dad will fall in love with it too and you guys may be the ones adopting it after all) XD its always possible ive seen it happen with many different types of animals.
    Ive found that once you have had a pet chicken you can never live life without one [​IMG]

    fostering animals is a great way to help out. It helps a animal in need they may have had to have been put down to make more space in a shelter.
    If you can't keep the chicken, well then atleast then you could foster another? Then you would get that "temporary" pet chicken you want and be doing a good cause at the same time.
    win win!
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  10. Oregon Blues

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    Apr 14, 2011
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    The really good news is that you can get an education, learn how to make a living, and move out.

    Then, when you have your own place, you can own all the chickens you want.

    The chicken sitting idea is a good one, if you have away to get to people's places to care for their birds.

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