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12 Years
Jun 9, 2011
I recently bought a Drake for $20. And was wondering who else has these birds ? I am on a waiting list for a hen from Mallard Lane Farms and I have a few questions. I am planning on getting some Wood Ducks and wanted to make sure they wouldn't crossbreed and I also want some Green-Winged Teal, Hottentot Teal, Falcated Teal, and some Marble Teal and will these all crossbreed ? I want to know before I buy them and put them together and they do crossbreed. Also post pictures or just talk about your experiences with them.
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Ring Teal are adorable little ducks. I finally got my first drake to live through the winter, and I got a hen to replace the one that died. I did use to have a blond ring teal pair, but they didn't survive the winter. I would suggest you try your hand at wood ducks and ring teal, which are easier ducks to raise. Once you get some more experience try those other teal. The green-winged teal are small, but are not difficult to raise. I hope to get falcated teal this year. Lets just say hybridization is possible, but as long as your birds pair up correctly you should not have issues. Yesterday I was watching my ducks. I have a white wood duck hen and a split white drake from Mallard Lane Farms that are paired up. But a Bahama Pintail came up and mated with her and the drake did not interfere.
My Grandpa just got a pair so I stuck my drake in with them so he wouldn't be in with just some Pigeons. And I plan on getting a pair of Apricot Wood Ducks and I'm glad you got him to live as I was reading your thread last night about all your trials and errors and also about the Hooded Merganser. I would like to have Blonde and Silver Ringed Teals but I'm gonna try it out with the regulars first. My Grandpa said if he gets some Mandarins I can buy that pair back for what he paid for them ($50)! So :fl
Apricot wood ducks are nice. I always end up with hens, and have still yet to hatch a drake. That is a good idea starting with regulars and then once you are able to raise those going on to other colors. Check out these amazing color mutations at this Polish breeder's website: http://www.lendor.pl/site/galerie?id=27
I also plan on getting most of my birds from Mallard Lane and then finding different ones to diversify my blood lines. Also she isn't very far from me and if I ever needed to I could pick the birds up instead of shipping them and also she has a lot of different birds.
I am sorry to hear that... What happened? I lost my first pair of blonde ring teal, but I now have another pair and hope to be successful with them this upcoming breeding season.

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