Ringnecks not doing too well


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Aug 15, 2013
I have 10 week olds that have been doing great up until about a week ago. They're water was inadvertently off for three days, and lost one due to that. Since then they were doing fine when three days ago I saw one laying a bit on its side and looking lethargic. I took him out and brought him home, but since then he hasn't walked but will eat and drink. The next day another was looking the same so I brought that one home, too. That one can stand a little but is obviously weak. Today a third was easily caught so I took that one out too from the pen. That one appears okay, just a little weak. It's hot down here ( just outside of houston and its been around 95) but they have a covered area that I added a fan to help cool them off. Any ideas? I think the first one will be gone soon, but anything suggestions to keep the others going would be greatly appreciated. They're on a turkey starter and are transitioning to a grower.
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You could try giving them a boost with your hot weather. Also I don't think turkey feed has a high enough Protein. Pheasants need a higher amount than Turkeys do. If they don't have a high enough protein normally they will start to stagger and then eventually drop there heads and become weaker. Also NEVER run out of water especially when it is hot.
Hope this helps
Try giving them some Gatorade.The turkey feed is usually a gamebird and turkey feed.Is yours just turkey feed?Fuits and veggies are always a good idea but don't over do it.
In N.H.,Tony.
Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I culled the flock of the weaker ones (2) as the rest have been doing well. Its supposed to cool off this weekend and a much needed rain came through today. My medically educated guess was that I knocked out the kidneys on them with the loss of their water supply. Fruits and veggies have been mixed with their feed. They're going nuts over the jalapeño pepper plant that I tossed in there ( had about 60-80 small peppers on it which are now almost gone). The feed is turkey, but has 28% protein in it, which was all I could find at the local feed stores in my area. Have more in the bator so hopefully round two won't have any snags.
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Update on flock, or lack thereof. Coons broke into pen and wiped them out. Gonna make a road trip to replenish them. The ones in the bator are starting to hatch out, too.
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