Rinsing eggs before refrigerating?


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Oct 24, 2010
A friend told me not to rinse my eggs off before I put them in the 'fridge. Said they will not last as long as there is a protective coating on the shells...Any truth to this? Lots of times there is dirt and droppings on the eggs and I don't want that in the fridge.
We always wash our eggs before refridgerating them. Cold tap water and a small squirt of dish soap and a good rinsing.

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I only wash my eggs right before I cook them, and only if they are dirty. If I get an egg that has poop on it, I put it into the "Chicken Treats" tub to be fed to the hens. I figure this is safer than feeding something nasty to my family.


This article from Mother Earth News explains a little about the bloom in the second & third paragraphs. Everything I've read about eggs says pretty much the same thing...I also do not refriderate my eggs unless they will not be used within one week of collection (I gather my eggs every day).

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I only wash the poop off. I want my family to enjoy eating eggs. They are so much better for them than most of the other crap they eat, and I do not want them to be grossed out by poop left on the eggs.

I would only wash them right before use if eggs where sitting over three weeks. However they never last more than a week at my house because we only have four hens.

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I don't wash them, and I don't refrigerate them. the bloom helps keep them air tight and keeps them from aging or spoiling, and they don't need refrigeration to stay fresh. if they're particularly icky or have stuff on them I don't want dropping into the bowl when I crack them, or if I'm hardboiling and they're icky, I wash right before I crack them or boil them.

I did the great egg experiment a few years ago, unwashed duck eggs will keep on the counter for 4 months or more and still be quite usable. (ok, you do lose a few to spoilage, but trust me, you won't use those by mistake!)

note that once you refrigerate them, you have to keep them refrigerated... eggs that were refrigerated and then stored on the counter are likely to spoil.

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