RIP Ghost


9 Years
Sep 2, 2010
Cascade Foothills, WA
We came home to find our 6 month old Delaware, Ghost, drowned in the duck's pool. She loved to stand on the edge and we have seen her fall in a couple of times, but she flew right out. There is a ramp as well and it's not a large pool. Just an 80 gallon Rubbermaid peanut shaped one, but the water was freezing, still had some ice in it. We are heartbroken. We used to have rocks in there when the ducks were younger, but took them out once they were older. SO back to the drawing board.....I am cleaning the pool out tomorrow morning and rocks are going back around the inside edges of the pool, an easy step back up to the rim. That is, when I stop crying.
: hit She was the best hen...layed everyday, loved to snuggle, funny as heck, a real personality.....She was the one always squawking first when we came outside, and the first one you'd see as she was so white. She was the first to lay out of our 4 hens. My son is devastated. Dang, dang it, dang it.......
I just want to say "thanks" for all the sympathy shown by this board for my son's hen who drowned. He has always been one of the first to jump in with empathy towards anyone who has
lost their pet and shed tears for many and not one response from anyone. I don't get it.....there were over 1000 people on here when it was posted.....have a freakin' heart! We'll stick to the duck board, thanks. Seems they gave a darn.

I am sorry to hear about your sons hen.
I have 12 laying hens and just brought home a few ducklings. I was planning on integrating them with the hens in the summer, and hoping to not experience this myself. sorry.
I am sorry you lost your chicken, that is too bad.
My son experienced that last summer and he was very upset about it. I have had several important posts never answered, it just happens sometimes. I wouldn't take it personal, maybe nobody read it yet. Sometimes it takes several hours or a day to get a response.

I am so sorry for being so b****y. It was a horrible night and my son was a mess and so was I. We had just come home from his B-day party no less.

I thank you for all your posts and truly apologize for being so obnoxious. We do have some of her eggs, but we have no rooster. We are ordering more chicks tomorrow and I've ordered some eggs to incubate. I am hoping that will keep him busy and his mind off our loss. She really was a force of nature. I went into the run this AM and it was so quiet without her.
Just found your post and I'm so sorry for your family's loss
I see you live in the Cascade foothills., anywhere near Bellingham? Hohl's downtown has a delivery of Delaware's coming in . Hatch date is 3/21 delivery is probably two days later and he keeps the one more day to stabilize them. Keep them in mind... again so sorry, some of these "life lessons" really stink. How old is your son?

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