RIR @ 5 weeks... All Roos?


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Jun 7, 2011
Hillman Michigan
So, I got 3 RIR pullets- but they are all sporting pretty impressive combs at 5 weeks... So- Any ideas on if I got 3 cockerels not 3 pullets?

Chick #1



Chick #2
Ok- it looks like none of chick 2 took--- will edit to add him/her

Chick #3



Just one (of #3) and my daughter, Breeze... Just for good measure!

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lol... The gut don't lie!!! I had a feeling at 3.5-4 weeks they were all roos! So far they seem totally nice- I hear RIR roos can be aggressive.

Hoping for the best! I got these 9 for more eggs because I only have 7 hens and I figured I need a few more for winter- now 1 is for sure a roo and I am wondering about one more Partridge Rock- and now my 3 RIRs.... That would leave me with 4-5 hens only! GREAT!

And I didn't even order a straight run- I ordered sexed! lol
Okay okay hold oh there!! RIR roos arese absoiloutley not aggressive!! They are sweet and snuggly and lovey!! just look at my avatar!! I had the best chicken in the world!! He was a RIR. He was hatched out of and egg and was even better than a dog! We loved him so much! Every school morning, i would hear clucks coming from the stairs. Then he would come into my room, jump on my bed, do a little sideway dance for me, and if that didnt wake me up, he'd crow in my face!! I would recommend them for anyone!! You just have to spend time wioth them!!


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ChickenPeep- Oh thank you! It sounds like you lost your roo- sorry

My RIRs seem the most funny and curious- so I hope that stays! I told a friend last night I had RIRs and he gave me the ups and downs of why they are mean! My hatchery book says the males can be mean- but I find my chicks more curious than anything else- they are the ones that are always looking up the coop walls when I walk by and they are always the ones trying to escape!

The dog will not touch them once they get around 10 weeks old- so I am trying to keep them inside the run until then.

stcroixusv- That first picture is a pullet? That one looks like mine except mine seems to have more tail feathers.

ETA: ChickenPeep- your boy was amazingly beautiful!
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A hawk came down and had lunch in the baby coop today- of course today was the day I opened the top up to let them spread their wings! He had a tasty lunch of 2 (YES TWO) of my RIRs.... Are you kidding me?

Luckily my daughter and I found him in the act- before he ate any more! But aghhhhhhh............... Honestly.
I'm so sorry!!

But if it's any consolation I don't think they were all boys. And just like ChickenPeep said, I also have a totally sweet, huge, RIR rooster. He's great, likes being held too.
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They look like hens to me. My roos at that age were showing bigger redder combs. I kept the deepest, darkest red roo. at 16 wks he already is posessive of the red hens and the yr old Barred rocks. Yes, he is one agressive, mean, miserable SOB. I can't let him out when people come over.
Im soo sorry!! thats the same way my Peep buddy was killed!! Darned hawks!!
well, look at the bright side.... now you can get more chicks!!


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