RIR broody/depressed or what?

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8 Years
May 6, 2011
I have a RIR bantam that is a year old now. She stopped laying suddenly this winter and sat in the boxes all the time. I had to lock her out of the coop during the day to keep her off. Back about 5 weeks ago someone gave me some fertile eggs for her to hatch. She sat on them happily and they hatched 21 days later. She took care of the babies (2) for 9 day very nicely. After 9days we got our shipment from McMurray and put the babies in with the new babies. So now they have been away from mom since 7 days ago. ( I hope you are following this). She gets out a lot more than she did a few months ago. But she does spend a lot of time sitting on the perch in the coop. She is not laying eggs. Should I give her the babies back? I don't know if it will make her happier or if she will remember them or not? Is she sick or just a messed up chicken? Last fall her sister did the same thing and suddenly died.
I got my first chickens last spring so I'm still pretty new to this.
Does she make broody sounds still or act like shes still broody, is so I would seperate her again with the chicks.. if shes acting normal beside not laying (which is common) I would leave her because you might have broke her broodyness.
I tried to give the chicks back but she attacked one of them so she's not getting them back now. I don't know what you mean by broody sounds.

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