RIR laid "shelless egg" but nothing else in four weeks

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    Jun 14, 2009
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    OK, I've posted this in the Disease forum and there have been some good ideas, but I just talked with the previous owner of my large 28-week-old Rhode Island Red and found out that about four weeks ago she laid a 'shelless egg' - right in front of her - but no eggs since. I've had her three weeks now and noticed a couple of weeks ago she was lethargic and preferred to have her left eye closed most of the time. She also limped slightly. Her two coop mates (came from the same previous owner) showed no similar symptoms except one of them had a bit of a limp, but that went away in two days. Both of these chickens are excellent layers.

    So, round 1, soaked leg in epson salts and applied neosporin, that helped the limp;
    Round 2, have her on antibiotics and quaranteened from the other two. She is much, much better, not lethargic at all, no limp, but still seems to prefer to keep her left eye closed much of the time. No sneezing, wheezing, discharge, breathing issues, appetite is excellent. Feeding her layer feed with lysene, fresh veggies, yogurt, and of course oyster shells.

    So, help?

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