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    Nov 30, 2008
    Are RIR hens mean? I have some 2 year old RIR hens mixed in with the rest of my chichens and they seem to be more mean /grumpy. And they are always being nasty to the other chickens. If one of my other birds is on the roost and my RIR wants to be there she will just peck them and they will yell and move. I also have a RIR roo, and he is really sweet!! Is it because of the hens age? Or are they just like that? The roo is almost the same age as the hens. He's so sweet. [​IMG]
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  2. musson

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    I have a RIR hen and she is not mean or aggressive at all. Of the 3 big birds she bothers the little ones the least.
  3. All my hens are at least half RIR, and they are competitive, but I would not say mean. Try feeding in more than one place- I do agree that if a bird is trying to establish dominance, the roost is a place you will see it clearly.[​IMG]

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