RIR Rooster with respiratory illness


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11 Years
Nov 27, 2008
Harrodsburg KY
I recently got a year old RIR rooster. He seemed to be fine the first couple of days. Last night my girlfriend noticed that he was breathing like he had a cold. You could hear fluid in his lungs.

This morning I noticed that he wasn't acting right. Upon closer examination, one of his eyes is watery and almost closed. There is a crusty yellow substance around his mouth. He is breathing through his mouth and there is a few yellow spots in the back of his mouth/throat.

He was walking about around okay and doesn't appear to be weak.

Anyone know anything about this?
(wet) fowl pox would be my first guess especially if you are in an area of the country with mild weather (mosquitos)... (although there are a couple other things it might be):

... use a q-tip and dab some iodine/betadine on the lesions in the mouth... give a vitamin supplement and keep this bird away from all your other birds and provide separate waterer and feeder (this is how is spread once infected).

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