RIR, Sex-Links or Isa Brown Type?


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Can someone please confirm the breed/breed mix of these chicks for me. I recently bought these and was told that they were RIR. I believe they are not RIR but are sex-links or Isa Brown type chicks.

Also I'm thinking I've got four pullets and one roo. I would appreciate confirmation on the roo too please. Is it possible that he? could still turn out to be a she?

They are approximately 6-7 weeks old (guessing).

Chick 1: Pullet?

Chick 2: Pullet?

Chick 3: Pullet?

Chick 4: Pullet?

And lastly, chick 5: Roo for sure, right?

Many thanks for looking :)
They look similar, but are more likely perhaps to be a barnyard mix. The last bird is a cockerel. None of them are RIR, but they could be re-bred sex links or a backyard, home made cross in which some sexlinks were made.

The last one will always be a cockerel. Enjoy your birds.
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Thanks everyone for your replies. :)

I think in Thailand a common production chicken here is a warren....is this a sex link? It's quite likely that you're right Fred and that these chicks are a second generation of sorts. Am I right in thinking that if they were 1st generation sex link that the rooster would be white and not red? Therefore, if 2nd generation, that accounts for his all over red color?

Whatever they are their purpose is to lay us lots of eggs, so here's hoping.

I do have another group of 4 chicks, bought from elsewhere, and hopefully having a greater percentage of RIR (on the rooster's side) in them. I have photos of both parents.

Fred - if I were to breed the chicks concerned in this thread to these other chicks and then progressively breed back into this 2nd group down the generations, would I end up with chickens that are closer looking to the gorgeous mahogany color of the true RIR. Note: I'm not a breeder, just a mum wanting eggs for her family, but with an eye for beautiful things (such is an RIR).

Photos of 2nd batch of chicks below.





And lastly the parents of the above 2nd group of chicks.

All replies gratefully received.
In many places, that I have seen here on BYC and elsewhere, the RIR isn't as true to type, nor rich in feather as the Reds we have here in the land of their birth.

It is extremely difficult to push mongrel or mixed mutts back to the true bred RIR. It may take 20 years of selective breeding and heavy culling. Not saying it is impossible, just saying that it would be an Everest type climb.

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