RIR with her tail down and mild wheezing


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Apr 20, 2010
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My 4 year old RIR, Ginger, started acting a sick this morning.
Ginger is my favorite of 5 hens.

She has her tail down, walks a little slower (almost a waddle), and lies down whenever she can. I have searched other posts, but she doesn't really fit the average sick hen scenario. She is eating and drinking just fine. She looks alert, but she might be breathing a little heavier and occasionally it sounds like she is wheezing.

I gave her a warm bath and didn't feel anything abnormal. She did have a little poo caked to her bottom, but nothing dramatic. After drying off, I put the heat lamp in the coop (we live in MN so it is starting to get cold) and put an electrolyte mix in her water. For the past few hours she has been lying in the coop near the door watching the other hens. She seems comfortable, but usually she is running around ruling the roost!

Thoughts? Ideas? I will try anything.
Sorry to hear about your chicken. My chicken is like that but much much worse. She was fine about a week ago and it kept getting worse. Watch for her to start opening her mouth and gasping for air. She could have phnomnia if its been cold and wet. Could also be gape worms...
I'll look up some info and get back to you on cures and treatments
I'd like to hear how your chicken is doing... Garlic is very good to give your chickens if you can handle the smell of it in your coop. I started giving it to my chicken along with a bunch if other things and slowly it seams her breathing is getting a little bit better. I crush a clove of garlic and share it between my coop and my sick one. I have her inside to keep warm and so that she doesn't pass it on to the flock. Garlic is used to help with fungus... I also use banana to help built up the lung tissue. I also heat her water regularly... Cold water causes the body to use energy to make it body temperature. It will also feel nice for her being sick and cold feeling. Every other day I put mint in her water. Then Orange to increase vitamin C. Hope this helps. At this point I'm trying everything. Please reply to tell me how your chicken is doing

BeautifulJade -
Ginger is doing much much better. I added supplements to the water and provided extra heat for a few days. I like the idea of trying garlic! What a great idea. Do you roast it first?
I hope that your chicken is doing better as well!
You just use a garlic crusher and crush a clove and I'm glad to hear your chicken is getting better... So is mine :)

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