RIRs picking on the newbies in the pen


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10 Years
Aug 24, 2009
It's getting quite bad and we've had to remove the 3 week olds. The RIRs are about two months old and suddenly very mean - pullets and cockerels. The two 3 week old chicks are not RIRs...not sure if that really matters. It was so bad today that blood was drawn. So, they are back in the house with me because I don't have another pen. Will they ever get along? The young ones are sweet and don't do anything to provoke the RIRs. The moment we enter the pen with the 2 young ones the RIRs puff themselves up and rush over doing some sort of strut dance. Any suggestions?
Too much age and size difference. Once the youngest chicks are as big as the older ones, you'll be able to integrate easier. Once bigger, start by having the youngest ones NEAR the older ones, but in a safe area that the older ones can't get to.

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