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May 3, 2009
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The Princess and I took a 440 mile road trip today. 220 miles each way to see our 9 year old GD play soccer. Is that normal "grandparental" behavior, or was it just plain nuts? I know that Pa would not have gone by himself, but I am married to a woman who is up for wife/mother/grandmother of the millenium award. It was fun and I really wish that they lived closer, but I did not make them move so far away. It's a gradual process, but this woman is teaching me to care/love like normal people. This is difficult for an alien like me.
Tell the Princess I need her to come visit with me and hopefully rub off on me a bit.

I'm still a "the more I know people, the more I like my dogs/chickens/cats" kinda alien; you, Ranchy and the rest of the posse excluded from that of course; but then again I did say people.
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It's a combination of your theories.

Normal grandparental nuts about your granddaughter!
Glad you went, don't resist at all next time!

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