Roasting skinless birds?


9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Hickory, NC
I've got 25 meaties to butcher and I've already decided I'm going with skinning vs. plucking. It's just me and I don't have the patience or the time to pluck. Can anyone suggest ideas for cooking these birds other than just using the crockpot? I'm afraid of the skinless meat drying out. Any suggestions or tips are appreciated. Thanks.
Cover them in strips of bacon!
You should consider plucking some.
I've processes 2 birds, plucked one, skinned one.
Skinning is a lot harder then just pulling off the skin.
Took some strength to pull off the skin and I cut off the wings because they were to hard to skin.
Plucking wet feathers stinks, yuck, but the cooked chicken came out looking and tasting better.
Skining a chicken isn't real hard but it realy limits your cooking choices. Breading and baking or deep frying are a couple of choices but you can forget cooking it on the grill or something similar without getting shoe leather meat. My take on cooking is if you don't have the time nor the inclination to pluck your birds my guess is you will be just as lazy in the kitchen. Perhaps sticking to microwave nuggets is the way you should go. Not all real cooking can be done in a minute or two if you want taste and tenderness. JMO
Skinless chicken justs tastes like shoe leather when done on the grill... really. Wow I guess I need to stop eating boneless skinless chicken breast because it tastes soooooooooo bad.

Cover the chicken in bacon, marinate it before cooking or bread and bake/fry. All the ways you would prepare skinless breast. Its all good.

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