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    Last Year I had this crazy robin at my work that would show up on a branch outside my office at the same time every day and for about an hour, some times more, he would fly at the window and back to the branch. I thought this a little wired and no one at work knew why he did this. well a year later I am sitting at home, right now for that matter and I have a robin outside on my deck doing the very same thing. Dose any one know why?
  2. Spike

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    Apr 14, 2009
    Quote:Most likely, it's his/her reflection he/she's reacting to.

    Most birds will do it, if they just happen to notice "the other" bird.
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    We had a Cardinal that liked to look at himself in the side view mirror on my husband's car. That went on until the car was sold. [​IMG]

    DH was convinced the bird was saying "Pretty bird. I'm such a pretty bird"! [​IMG]
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    If they can see their reflection they think it is the competition, a challenger for their territory, cardinals do it, so to titmice- if there is any way you can cover the window so he doesn't hurt himself it might help... have seen them do this in car mirrors too....[​IMG]

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