Rockin' the chicken ark in rainy Seattle


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May 22, 2012
Western Washington
After a couple of days of rain, it seems more than fitting that my family has chosen the chicken ark as a home for our very new, very small flock of 4 hens. We have 2 Buff Orpingtons, 1 Brown Sexlink, and 1 Amercauna. I remember my grandparents having chickens on their farm, but I'm pretty much a complete novice when it come to raising chickens. So far this website, the book "Keep Chickens", and a free issue of Backyard Poultry (given to me by the guy who sold me my chicks) is the sum total of my knowledge. I just wanted to say thanks to all who have taken time to write articles and share their experiences! What a blessing you all are.

Welcome to BYC! Your chicken tractor looks a lot like ours - we built a catawba coop with slight modifications. Enjoy your chickens!
Hello and :welcome

Everyone has to begin somewhere! :lol:
Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. Good luck!! :D
Yep, that's what we have. It seems like a nice little coop. Have you had yours for very long? If so, how has it been holding up?

Thanks - Angela

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