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9 Years
May 2, 2012
so last night while digging rocks out of a new garden bed, I had the thought of saving the bigger rocks to put around the run to prevent digging. But after giving it more thought I realized that it would cause more work with weeds coming up between the rocks and the fencing I plan to bury as a apron would be fine on it's own.

So that got me to thinking about the rocks and what else I could do with them. Which lead to the thought of how they would work in the run in a small pile.

I was thinking that a small pile of rocks too big for the chickens to move would provide a place for weeds to come up in between the rocks as well as the bugs that would hide under them.

So has anyone tried this? Either a small pile of rocks that are left in place for weeds to grow up through or several flat rocks or pavers that are scattered around the run that get turned over to expose the bugs hiding underneath say once a week or so?
Yep we have. Rocks all over, plus some large logs that I kick about each day or so to uncover a few bugs. They love it.
Not the best pic, but you can see some rocks and one of the smaller logs.
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I read somewhere else on here about someone who put some short flat wood planks down loose in the run, then would flip over a plank every day for the hens to get all the bugs. Each plank got flipped about once a week or so, so the bugs would really build up to buffet levels. And with lighter wood, it was easy for the person to flip, but too heavy for the hens .
I use long wood planks, I get oodles of slugs under them. I can't show you a pic though, because I still have several feet of snow on the ground (loud whining and sobbing).
As to letting some grass grow in the run....I tossed the end of a chicken wire roll into the run, it did a great job of letting some grass grow up. Haven't tried rock piles.
Poor you Alaska, We're late bloomers, but nothing like you ;-(
As for grass. I made a (2x4's) frame 30"x30" square. I used the 1" hardware cloth and nailed it down to the 2x4. I layed 1/2 strips of wood ontop so they don't get hurt. After scratching up the soil, I lay it down, (lay some bricks or something to keep the center of the cloth from sagging) cloth up, and I sprinkle grass seed down and let that grow. They eat what grow out. In time I move it and let them destroy the grass which usually last less than 1/2 a day. And I move it to another place. They love it!

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