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Feb 23, 2011
OK I'm a complete newbie at raising chickens so i took a guy with me that claimed to know tons about chickens. We went to a local trade show looking for White Leghorns. While at the show it became obvious there were more chickens then you could stuff in a Walmart building for sale but we were having a hard time finding any white chickens. Till we find this one guy selling 3 Leghorns for $12 a piece. Two hens and a Roo. You had to buy the Roo to get the hens.Well i was looking for at least 4 hens and did not want a roo so we moved on. Then there they were. A small pen stuffed full of white chickens. The guy with me says thats what you want. "Dem is sum big leggerns" So i start to deal with the guy selling them. He lets me have the 5 birds and cage for $9 a piece.

I get home and pull them from the cage and with in 30 seconds its becomes obvious one of them is a Roo. He starts crowing and mounting any hen he can case down
. Then i notice one of the hens has green legs. And under closer inspection you can see a tuff of light brown feathers under her neck. It took a bit to notice the color change because it was muddy at the trade show so all the birds had a few mud spots on them. Now i got a Roo i don't want,a mix breed and 3 leghorns....i thought. I give the Roo to my uncle.

There was a single brown egg in the cage i got them in but it could have come from the mix i thought. So i get on the net and start looking really close at Leghorns and notice they really don't look like mine. I think mine are White Plymouth Rocks. I have not gotten an egg yet so i really don't know for sure. If they are rocks it's obvious one of the hens is bigger then the others. Are the smaller birds juveniles?
Heres some pics.

What i got? Rocks i think

This is the big hen( Big Mama)


Here you can see the two smaller ones with the bigger one. ( not named yet)


Here is the mix( Stinky). She actually looks more like a leghorn to me then the others but its obvious she is mixed with something else. She is the wifes favorite but the other birds pick on here pretty bad.


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the first three do look like white rocks, though the pinkish legs on Big Mama throw me off, I would guess that they are hatchery quality rocks. Stinky looks like she could be part leghorn, maybe part EE. I have a little EE and she is the one the other girls pick on- makes me sad but I don't know how to make them stop.
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I'm just south west of Tupelo on the Lee/Pontotoc line. I bought the chickens at ( First Monday) Ripley

There is large Amish community not to far from me. Been thinking of riding out there and seeing what they have.
The legs were the first thing I noticed, too. There are several approaches to treatment, do a search for scaly(scaley) leg mites to find a treatment that works for you. You didn't get Leghorns, but they are nice birds.

Oh, and be very careful of MS. Farm Boy, he is a very dangerously funny guy!

To the OP, do you know how to treat scaly leg mites?

Big mama is a white rock.

Stinky looks like an EE with Leghorn in her.

The other photos I can't view.
Her legs are yellow but they have a dry white crusty look to them. Is that mites? Don't seam to bother her any that I've noticed.

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