Rockstar Has a New Name...Introducing Isaac (new pics in post #9)


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Though I did post about my Delawares, today, we made a big decision. I chose the one I have been calling The Rockstar to be my Delaware flock rooster (providing his temperament stays nice). His new name is Isaac. We removed the two runners-up boys and put them in the little Firetower coop till they could find new homes or be culled, so Isaac now has the four girls his own age and I have just given him my 11 month old Kira. He is acting like King of the Coop already, strutting and sticking out his chest. He's flirting with Kira, who, poor girl, is the only one with a big red comb, signaling her maturity. Finally! I feel like I'm on my way with this group. Kira used to live in this same coop, but we've added two windows that she hasn't ever seen and she is fascinated with the new setup. So, here are the new "married couple", Isaac and Kira.

BTW, the younger pullets are Ellie, Georgie, Maxie and Phoebe.
Hmm, these are not the same body shape as the Orps, but I daresay, the largest boys are almost as big as any 15 week old Orp I've had.

The name Rockstar was because when he was about 5-6 weeks old, I told seriousbill that he was really a standout among the youngsters, that he was a real rockstar, and the nickname stuck. I always planned to name my keeper roo when I decided which one that was and it just ended up being him.

Look at the size of him next to an almost year old hen! That's a big boy.
He wasn't my largest boy, but he is a close second in size. His comb, markings and overall attitude was the best of the bunch, though. I was looking at the Delaware cockerel we culled last year and at 15 weeks, seems he doesn't compare in size to this one.
I snapped some nice pics of Isaac today (sometimes we call him Ike). It's hard to believe he's only 15 weeks old this Friday. The one I had last year wasn't near this size at this age. And to think he'll fill out lots more in the next couple of months...




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