Rocky ground is making run construction difficult

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  1. egyptchick

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    May 4, 2011
    My girls need to get outside but we have run into some problems with the run. i bought a roll of 2" chainlink fencig for a great price. i have enough to do all the sides of the run and potentailly the roof. problem is that the geound i am trying to put my posts into is really rocky (actually bouldery, but i am sure that is not a word) so i canrt bury the posts down far enough for proper support. I can get down about 18" so my idea is to drive rebar in as far as possi le, set the posts over the rebar amd cement it in. But then i still have to dig the trench to bury the perimeter hardware cloth some places i can only dig a few inches before i hit boulders. any ideas about how to put down the perimeter wire. i am going to reinforce the chainlink with chiclen wire on the inside. does it need to go up the full height of the fence?

    Is there an alternative to the perimeter wire that would be as secure. i figure if i can't get past the boulders neither can raccoon.
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    You don't need to bury the skirt. Just lay it on the ground 12 - 24 wide and be sure the inside edge is fastened to the run wire. Digging in a skirt just makes it easier for the fox or dog to dig thru the loosened dirt and makes you tired and cranky. Also laying the wire down helps make up for fence to ground gaps.

    As to the verticals, how about going as far as you can and assembling a frame on top with elbows to strengthen the structure? It will also support the roof wire so you don't have to duck when in the run
  3. egyptchick

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    May 4, 2011
    I was thinking about laying the skirt down and covering it with stones (lots of those around) to keep the kida and yes myself from getting jabbed by the edges. i intended to brace between each post and across the run to give the roof support.

    Do i have to cover the chicken wire the entire height of the chain link?
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    Dec 27, 2009
    Tell me about rocks, i live in the Ozarks in Arkansas.I just put big rocks around the base of my pens. Looks good to.
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    Throw a couple of inches of dirt over the apron and let grass grow up through it.
    Piling up rocks just makes a perfect habitat for rodents and snakes to live underneath

    The chicken wire only needs to go up high enough so coons can't reach in and grab a bird, and small chicks can't go through the chain link

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