Role Reversal?

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    May 14, 2012
    I have a silver sebright bantam who has been a lot more aggressive for the past few months since her partner died. I brought home a new chicken for her (she's of a mixed breed, I'm not completely sure what she is), but that's not the issue.

    Five months ago, I brought home two chicks that were days old. They've grown up to be a female frizzle named Snowflake and a male (i think) birchen bantam named Butter Ball. When he started to grow up and I could easily recognize that he was a roo, I was getting worried because I was afraid that he would start crowing and become a nuisance. The strange thing is he hasn't made a peep. He clucks and stays alongside his frizzle sister, but has not made any crowing sounds.

    The sebright however has been showing dominance over the three other birds. The two younger ones are afraid of her and will run off when she's near. She's been making crowing like noises (not as loud as I've heard some males do it) for a while now and rarely lays eggs. I don't even think she lays them anymore.

    Does anybody know if the role reversal is permanent? Or if Butter Ball will start crowing once he's a little bit older? He seems very docile. And also, if you know why the sebright is so aggressive and what I can do to calm her down that would be great.

    They're all real friendly towards humans, but the sebright just really hates the two younger ones.

    Thanks for all your help!


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