Roll-out nest boxes my DH made me! (pic heavy)

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    I updated my coop page with my new nest boxes, too. [​IMG]

    Since I'm very pregnant with our 4th baby, I wanted to make my chicken chores easier. DH isn't a chicken person and he hates taking care of the chickens for me (on the very rare occasions I needed him to) because he hates that he has to go in the pen to feed, water and collect eggs. So we put our heads together and came up with a plan for a dividing wall in the barn that would give access to the feeder, waterer and nest boxes on the outside of the pen.

    I just wanted simple nest boxes with a flip-top lid, but DH did some of his own research and ran across roll-out nest boxes and wanted to know what they were, so I explained what advantages they had. DH is an engineer, so the roll-out nest boxes really appealed to his nature even though they're more complicated. I showed him Opa's roll-out nest box thread, but they weren't exactly what I wanted. He put these together really fast, so I didn't get a chance to take a lot of step-by-step pictures.

    He built the dividing wall in 2 4'x4' sections. Here's the front view. I had leftover purple paint from a home project, so my whole project is painted purple! I needed them low to the ground because I have a lot of bantams in my main pen, but I wanted each box big enough to be comfortable for the standard hens, too.

    Close up of the interior of the nest box from the front:

    Side view: The rise is 3" - DH kept borrowing eggs and rolling them down different inclines and a 3" rise seemed to move the egg easily but didn't go so fast that it bumped too hard at the bottom. I wanted a 6" tray on the outside to collect the eggs. I bought that outdoor patio grass from Lowes to line the nest boxes. Each box is about 11x14."

    Back view: The opening for the eggs to roll out is 2." Since I wanted the boxes so low to the ground the collection tray is right on ground level, but that works out great since my ever-present chicken chore helper is my 4 year old DD. [​IMG]

    Top view:
    I still wanted a flip-top lid for easy cleaning and so I can move any hens that go broody or eggs that get stuck.


    Here's the wall installed in the barn: The other half of the wall has a feeder that can hold 2 bags of feed and a trap door for dropping kitchen scraps in the pen. I still have to add the gravity nipple watering system, but that's tomorrow's project.

    Here's the chickens' view: I filled the nests with hay to make their transition from traditional nests to the roll-outs easier. As they wear through the hay, I won't replace it and hopefully they'll be used to the new nests. DH installed them on Monday and the chickens have been using the new nests consistantly! [​IMG]

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    Wow! That is really cool! [​IMG]
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    That is so clever and really nifty!! Tell your DH "great job!!"
  4. Smart! Very smart.
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    Turned out really nice. Maybe now DH won't mind helping so much.Might even start to like it. [​IMG]

  6. I am marking this. Tell your DH great job. I can't wait to show this to my DH!
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    As long as you don't have any critters that would enjoy a nice tasty egg out of your collection tray LOL, you will be good to go. If I did that I would have the FATTEST dog in town LOL. He would be eating eggs every morning LOL. He would never go in a coop unless I send him in after something. He would never take an egg off a nest. However, if he finds an egg someplace you can't stop him from eating it LOL.
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    Where are the pictures?
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    My Coop
    This is a really old thread but [email protected] are you still around, how are they working out?
    Because they're more complicated.....I would do the

    Would be easy to put a cover on the trough to keep the dog out...if you couldn't trian him to 'leave it'

    I can see them....not sure why you can't...are you on a phone?

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