Roll-X week #2 - seems to be doing OK


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10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Elkins, WV
Howdy all,
This incubation seems to be cruising along better. Tomorrow is day#14. I have not opened the bator at all. I won't until day #18. Only 1 day did the temp go over 99.5 (it was 100.5 briefly) when my son decided to play with the thermostat screw. Humidity has been 48% and temp 99.5F nearly exacly this whole time. I have a variety of eggs, including marans, gamefowl, andulasians, and delawares. I can't wait until next weekend.

The chicks from the trial incubation are all feathered up now. I will try to post a pic later to the chicks section, as I am moving them from the brooder cage to the bigger cage today. It will be their first day off the wire and onto the cedar shaving floor in the house and a pen with grass and lots of roosting branches. Hope they are smart enough to stay out of the rain!!


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