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Sep 30, 2015
If you are interested in purchasing, I will send you a paypal invoice.

Eliminate broken and dirty eggs!!!!! This roll out box works. Rear or front rollaway assembly possible. We have been using it for 2 years. We wish we would have made the investment sooner. They are so worth the investment. These really work!!!

Brand new chicken nest boxes. 2 sizes available. 2 foot $168.00 and 4 foot $220.
24 inch nest for up to 20 chickens.
48 inch nest for up to 45 chickens.

These boxes can be shipped. They will be shipped UPS ground. The cost is $20 for the 2 foot box and $40 for the 4 foot box.

These mount to the wall or can be placed on the floor. It is a community roll out nest box. It is a FRONT rollaway or REAR rollaway. You decide which you prefer before you assemble. It is so easy to assemble. No rivet gun necessary to assemble.
In a conventional hole nest box, chickens have a tendency to use only a few sections, which can cause problems. This nest has no dividers.

Constructed from quality galvanized metal. The included nest pad lays on 1" x1" galvanized wire mesh. This allows for better air circulation and cleaning.
The roost bar can be moved to an up or down position, which allows you to close the roost bar to prevent the hens from roosting inside the nest box at night.
The egg guard is angled in toward the laying area. This prevents the chickens from seeing, or getting at, the eggs in the tray.
Vinyl flaps on the front keep the interior darker, and helps the chickens feel more secure and hidden. This will encourage them to use the nest instead of laying eggs on the floor or elsewhere.

Assembly is easy. Simply bolt the two side panels onto the base, then bolt on the one-piece top and back.

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