Rolled oats?


14 Years
Mar 13, 2010
Levelland, Texas
I was wondering if it is okay to feed rolled oats? I let my flock free range and they get laying pellets and corn but I'm trying to find lower cost things to feed chickens and ducks.
Oats make a wonderful treat for chickens. They're healthy and filling. Your flock will love them. Just, as with any treat, don't overdo them.
I fed my chickens rolled oats they ate it but they weren't a huge fan of them. But it rained one day and some of the seeds that were in the dirt started to grow and my birds ate like they were going to die so mine like oat grass not really the seeds!
Whole (not rolled) oaks are a superior treat to many other lower cost grains you can offer the birds since they are 12-14% protein vs the 6-9% found in many other grains...

I heavily supplement my birds feed with fresh foods daily as well as spent grain daily so they are not fully dependent on crumble for their diet, so I regularly cut their crumbles 50% with oats when they are in season locally and I can get them for $8 a 50lb bag... Again this 50% cut of the feed isn't for everyone, but it works for me since they have a highly diverse diet and are not really dependent on the feed...

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