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Dec 16, 2011
What are my options for chicken feed, besides corn and soy based? Also, will regular old sunflower seeds, like ones you would feed to wild birds, work to feed to my girls?
Oh good.
If you look at the link in my signature you can see what I like to feed- it includes the black oil sunflower seeds. I buy organic cracked corn.

Another option is to buy organic roasted soybean meal and mix it in to a homemade mix. There are recipes here on BYC and internet...if you would like links to some I can try to find them.
I feed an organic, whole grain corn and soy free feed. They use fish meal for the main protein instead of the soy which I feel is better (and so does Lions Grip) and it has a good amount of Omega 3. Its a bit of a pain as its a mash so for them to get all the powdery vitamins and minerals in the mix I give them their breakfast slightly moist and they can't pick out only the grains.
I do give BOSS (Black Oil Sunflower Seed) a few times a week as a treat!

Info on lionsgrip:

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Depending on where you are there are many companies offering soy free feed & some have corn free also. In PA we have one company that I know of offering soy free. Locally I can get soy free from an Amish farmer who is a dealer for Fertrell products. You have to ask around in your area. I know soy free is available in Ohio, Texas, Virginia & California, to name a few.

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