Rolling around like a weirdo?

Erin K

8 Years
Aug 3, 2011
one of my chickens dug a hole and is rolling around in the dirt like a silly weirdo. She seems to be enjoying this activity.

Is this the "dust bath" I've been hearing about?

She doesn't appear to have any mites or anything... do they do that just for fun?
Yes, she's taking a dust bath. My favorite part of this is when they get up, poof their feathers out, and give a little shake. The excess dirt and dust flies everywhere, and you can see the look of contentment on their face.

They do this as mite prevention.
I think I ruined the "best part" I was so worried about her I picked her dirty self up and she got me FILTHY. I wondered where all the dirt from the hole went... into my chicken, then onto me.

I double checked everyone for any signs of mites. They look good. Nancy was all mad at me for picking her out of the hole. They all forgave/forgot me when I found a fat grub and threw it in there.

I took pictures of the silly rolling around!
LOL! I don't know what the human equivalent would be? Maybe someone yanking you out of the shower before you've rinsed all the soap off? Haha! No harm done. Too bad you didn't get a photo of "the look" for the stink eye post.
I love watching my hens take dust baths... It's a good sign. They're always so happy, and they often get up and take turns wallowing in the dust holes. It's extremely good for them, preventatively speaking (keeping mites, fleas away). We keep ducks, too, and when it rains they enjoy the little pools made by the chicken's depressions. Sweet harmony! No worries about the filth... dirt can be a very good thing for birds.

River of Love Urban Farmstead
Lawrence, KS USA

Here is the dust bath, complete with a "why are you staring at me mom?" look
The first time one of mine did this, I thought she was having a seizure.
She was still in the brooder so was doing it in the wood shavings. I picked her up, she seemed to be fine, set her down then she laid down again and started having another 'seizure'. I then figured out what she was doing. It's even scarier when you find them laying on their sides with wings & legs all stretched out in the sun. I thought they had figured out how to get into the rat poison and were dead or dying. I ran out, they all jumped up looking at me like 'WHAT?!? We were just here laying in the sun and you are now bothering us.'
Oh yeah! That's the look! LOL! My white leg horn loves to dust bathe when it is mud, then she walks around all day looking like a brown chicken! She is the only white one...wonder if she is having color issues.....LOL!!!!! All my other chickens are brown or black! Hahahaha

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