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    Hey guys, I just set my first batch of eggs (24 of them) into my hova bator. My problem is that I marked the eggs with x's on one side and o's on the other and then set them down in the incubator, but I can't get the x's to stay up and the o's to stay down [​IMG] Is there any trick to this?
    I don't have an automatic egg turner so I'm not really sure what to do...should I put them into egg cartons with the bottoms cut out and then just change the elevation of the carton to mimic turning?
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    You can use the rubber drawer liner from the dollar store... you know, the colored rubber mesh stuff with all the little holes in it. That will keep them where you put them.
    I used egg carton method this last time, I think I am going back to just laying them down next time, I dont think in a reasonable tilt that the eggs turn enough when they are on the vertical like that.
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