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    I have an 8 month old Brown Leghorn who has gotten to the point of attacking everything that comes in the run. KNowing that, I should have been more careful. The door leading to the run is only 4 feet high. It's an old small dog kennel door that we recycled. I have to stoop to get into the run. When I went in this morning I was rushed by my hens wanting to escape to fertile freerange grounds. I took my attention from Godzilla for just a second and he spured my head. I have a gash that runs from above my eyebrow to my bottom lip (and I was already having a bad day)

    He's has attacked my husband and children in the past and I, being the animal lover I am, just told the humans to stay away from my pretty boy. I tried holding him everyday like I've read posted here... I thought we were making progress. So here I sit bleeding and sad because I don't know what else to do to keep myself and my family safe other then kill my handsome boy... sometimes it sucks being a responsible chicken owner.
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    I feel for ya! I had to have my dh snuff my roo cuz he was trying to flog my grandson! Now I am sad cuz I wont have babies in the spring..except wait ..I have a friend who has a beautiful rir roo and he will give me fertile eggs to let my broodies hatch out![​IMG]
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    I hate to tell you but being a responsible chicken owner involves protecting your family from aggressive roosters.
    That rooster needs to go ASAP. If he had done that to a child the damage could have been alot worse, devastating in fact if the spur hits an eye.
    The second and I mean the second a rooster shows any aggression towards any member of my family he is gone the same day, if it wasn't possible then he would be locked up alone until he could be gone.
    Although I have heard of a member on here who held her rooster to rehabilitate him, I do not recommend doing anything of the kind when you have children involved.
    I have never seen an aggressive rooster be successfully rehabilitated myself, its just their nature, its how some of them are and those ones cannot ever be pets.
    I guess you can count yourself lucky that it wasn't one of your kids and that you are not hurt worse than you are. Get rid of him today.
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    I'm sorry too but anytime kids are involved grumpy roosters must go. That's our motto. I do feel your pain and sadness - i have to have my husband do the "whacking" around here - my heart's too soft.
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    I am sorry that your roo did this.. I think he needs to be put down.. your family and your safty needs to be first priority...I know how hard it will be...
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    Aug 13, 2009
    It IS sad. You love 'em and hold 'em but sometimes they just won't play nice! I had to get rid of my two roosters. My BO hated my daughter and the RIR hated me and the grandkids. SO they both went"BYE-BYE"
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    I'm so sorry. [​IMG] It does suck to have to make the tough calls. Please think about going in and having a doctor check your gash. Rooster feet aren't the cleanest weapons wouldn't want your face to swell up!
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    I have found that after a few "gentle" side kicks, my roo stays away from me . . . unless I pick up a hen and she screams real loud. Otherwise, he has a good memory. And I used to hold him all the time when he was young. Once he found out he had a flock of girls to take care of, he decided he was king.
  9. Chew593

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    Thanks guys... I just got home from urgent care. Got me a tetnus booster and some playful ribbing... I'm ok, and still trying to decide when and how to handle Godzilla...
    I need coffee...
  10. WriterofWords

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    You can find him a home that treats chickens like chickens and not family members like we do. He would be fine in a coop with girls and not a lot of human interaction. I know most will and are saying kill him, but that doesn't have to be, he's doing what roos do. Be honest and upfront with anyone interested in him and tell them why you are letting him go. No it is not passing off your problem to someone else and don't let anyone lay that guilt trip on you. Do what is best not only for you and your family, but for him.

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