roo behavior


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Jun 15, 2016
My rooster keeps pecking the hens necks as they walk by.. Pulling out feathers and carrying them around setting them down and picking them back up again.. Sometimes he hold them down and pulls them out.. Sometimes he just pecks as they walk by.. Is it pecking order or is being extra mean?!?
He asserting his dominance in an extreme way. I personally would remove him and pen him separately for a while until he matures more.
Ok he is a road island.. We also have a more dominant barred rooster who is not as aggressive as the road island but is more of the protector.. We have 8 hens.. Could it be bc of the other rooster? Or is it just him being imutaure
They are just npw 16 weeks old we have already gotten rid of one rooster we are trying to figure out which one to keep between the two now.. They have all grown up together..

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