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    I have 3 RIR... One of which I am uncertain of. Will be 4 weeks old next Tuesday. She/he has slower feather development and tail development, although slightly smaller than the other 2. One thing she/he does that I have not noticed the others doing is she/he picks up one foot and curls it under while standing one the other. The comb is no bigger or pinker than the others... Do Roo's tend to have this single leg stance more than hens?

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    No, the "flamingo" stance (note-that's not a technical term by any means, LOL) has nothing to do with gender, that's just a quirk your bird has. Sounds actually like it's a pullet, if it's smaller and the same breed and age as the others.

    Now that I think about it, I would actually say it IS less likely that a male would stand like that. Since their job is to watch and protect, they would likely have both legs on the ground ready for quick action. But I've never seen a study stating such a fact. That's just my thoughts on what they are engineered to do as a protector needing quick action. Single leg stance usually finds a head tucked back in sleep mode making a bird less likely to be aware of its surroundings.
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    please look at my post frm just a bit back and see what you think - my rir are about the same age ...

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