Roo can't whip himself!

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    We usually keep our chickens in the run. The country side where we are has lots of loose dogs, cats, foxes and even a few hawks! but last week, over a five day period we built a new coop and run, and since i was going to be out most of the day, i let them free range. DW put an old oval mirror she had tucked away out in her flower garden near the bird feeders for the birds. At lunchtime, we were sitting at the bay window, laughing at how quickly the flock found bird seed on the ground, when Earl our roo, found himself in the mirror! Man oh man did he do some struttin! next thing i knew, he was launching himself at the mirror! a couple of pecks and a chest bump, and then the mirror shattererd! This was one of those 1/2 inch thick ones too! I rushed out to get him away from the pieces, he was pecking at himself in one of the broken pieces! i never dreamed he would break that mirror.
    The next day while working on the coop, we noticed ole Earl strutting back and forth past the generator (not running at the moment). I just thought he was trying to find his way through the maze of power tool cords, when low and behold, he started pecking at it! DW is like, "he's pecking at the generator, come watch this" so I come around and see why, the cover on the muffler is chrome, and he can see himself! He eventually gave up, walked away a few feet, turned and looked back, spread his wings, flapped a few and crowed for about 5 minutes solid.... LOL
    So this morning i went out, let them out of the run to range the yard for a while. we bought a few more hens yesterday, and they're safely staying in the other run until they all get to know each other. So i've got my old truck parked out where the construction site is, so i can pick up the scraps and do some general cleanup, and ole Earl has found the chrome bumpers on the truck!
    I can't seem to catch him doing this when i have the camera, i guess i'm gonna have to start keeping it with me all the time now, LOL ...But he still can't whip himself, he winds up walking away, strutting, flapping and crowing! i guess he's ok as long as the 'bumper roo' don't try to mate one of his girls!
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    Jan 25, 2011
    The bumper roo walks away when Earl does too, so that's kind of a win for him.

    great story

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