Roo mean to the broodies???

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Qi Chicken

10 Years
Jul 3, 2009
We have two buff orps that have gone broody unfortunately. I take them outside once a day so they can stretch their legs. I am searching for a wire cage to break them but in the meantime....

Why is the roo attacking them when they are outside? When I take them out they act like they are in denial. They sit on the ground like pancakes for about 20 minutes. Then they finally walk around all puffed up, drink a little and go back to the nest. The roo REALLY doesn't like it when they are walking around. He chases and pecks at them.

Wouldn't he bring them mint ice-cream and braunschweiger at midnight?

What's up with him? Why doesn't he like them??? I would think he would want to propagate the species. Is he mad that they are off the nest? The roo is usually a really nice guy. Both to his hens and us. He is a white ee.

Poor girls. They are VERY dedicated. I feel so bad for them. they just sit with these identical expressions on their faces. Staring at nothing. Envisioning the darling little chicks they will hatch out of plastic eater eggs probably............
He's miffed as the girls don't want his advances.

If you have any of their eggs give the girls a few each to hatch.

In the meantime keep Mr Meanie away from them.


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