Roo molting in the cold autumn


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Sep 4, 2008
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I have a Production Red rooster who is right around a year and a half old and I noticed today that he is molting badly. It's October in Northern NY and getting quite cold. Doesn't it seem odd that he would molt now that it is colder and he won't have the feathers to protect him? Is this normal?
Very normal! Chickens are like cats that way, they do things when they want to and not one moment sooner!
Thanks Lollipop- I have to admit, I was worried! And then couldn't find any info on it on the internet. Thanks Backyard forum!
It's October And All Of My Hens And Rooster And Ducks Are Molting Too..........if A Stranger Caught Sight Of My Coop And Duck House, They Would Swear There Was A Pile Of Dead Birds Under All The
Yes, It's Completely Birds Molt Twice A Year...mY Ducks Molt Every Month It Seems Like...not ReallY But They Shed Alot !!!!
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That's funny, my husband took one look at the roo, one look at the feathers all over the coop and said, "What attacked him??" LOL. So glad to hear this is the norm!!
Yes, some do. I have one hen that molted so quick it was hard to even notice. That's great and a good trait because the faster they molt, they quicker they get back to laying.
I have a few others that are nearly bald. They feel like porcupines.

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