Roo not taking care of hen

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    Feb 17, 2011
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    I got a breeding pair of year old Silver Spangled Hamburgs. They had / have a bit of respiratory funk. I thought they were better so I let them out for their second free ranging day. Well at the end of the day DH and I go to put them up. The hen was near the coop and went right in. The roo was AWOL. We found him a quarter of an acre away in the woods, behind a woodpile. He had totally abandoned the hen! When we FINALLY got him in after a half hour wild chicken chase he was making sick noises. I've put them on a different abio to try and knock it out.

    Could being sick have something to do with it or is he just a bad roo? I've never seen him breed her. We've had them for a month.

    DH was ready to send him to freezer camp right then and there. The only reason we have roosters is breeding and protecting the girls. If he's not doing either then we may have to send him down the road.

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    Get them well first priority.

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