Roo or confused Pullet


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10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
This is Henrietta. My rare chick that sticks out among all the white leghorns. She is a dominique and from all the pictures I can find I assumed a female. Being a first time chicken mom, I'm not so sure anymore because at 15 weeks she has started to crow. I have all ladies, besides the questionable one, so some opinions about roo or pullet would be nice. Thanks

It looks like a rooster to me. Besides, if it starts to crow...well that's usually a male trait although a very few hens will crow if no other roosters are around, but I'm saying male based on the size of the wattles.
I would go with a rooster, because my Domenique has way smaller wattles. and she is been laying eggs for a while now.
I am heartbroken. I live in the city and can't have roosters. Henry(aka Henrietta) was my favorite, but now he must relocate. Thanks for all the help.

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