Roo or Hen?


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Jul 29, 2019
This is my 11 week old white crested black polish. I thought she was always a hen. She has no comb, but does have wattle and always had the most perfect fluff ball on the top of her head. In the last week it has suddenly gotten messy and a little longer, and now she is crowing every morning. Is she a hen or do I, in fact, have a rooster?


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Sounds like a male to me if it's crowing. Polish have V combs, hidden in their crests.
My other polish roosters fluffy head was totally different. He had no wattle and no comb.
Interesting. The polish rooster I lost had no comb or wattle. Curled tail feather and different top knot. The other 2 polish I thought were hens. No combs, but wattles. Their tail feathers are upright but rounded and not curled. So maybe all 3 were roosters....

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