Roo or hen?

Roo or Hen?

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10 Years
Apr 4, 2013
I know that this little one is a GLW; however, I think it might be a roo. I would love some second opinions! There's a poll at the top, if you would give your best guess! It will be 4 weeks old on Friday. It was my freebie from McMurray Hatchery. My hubby likes it, and would love to get some more to go with it, but I won't do that until I know what sex it is... and of course, that'll be iffy either way. I have researched and found that some Wyandottes have a slow feathering gene, which is a good thing, because they come out much prettier with the slower gene, according to the notes I found. However, this bird is aggressive to my others that are the same age as it. It bullies them. So, I have to give it lots of one-on-one time, to give the rest a break, and hopefully, get it more social.

Would you take a look, and maybe give me some pointers in the right direction? I'll go with the consensus. I took the pics with my webcam, and the bird is not sickly... have a 3-yo Rottie going nuts here in the room, wanting to get close, and the bird is being shy as a result. All that hot breath! LOL! Normally, I use my DSLR camera, which produces much better pics, but this was quicker.

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Well, the results are in... he's definitely a roo! So, ordered 5 GLW pullet chicks to go with him, since my hubby has become partial to the breed, from this freebie chick.

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