Roo repeative head movement


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8 Years
Dec 20, 2011
I have noticed the Leghorn rooster turning his head to the side back and forth about 5 to 10 times in a row. This is during eating and is not beak swiping (on a surface). Ideas?
With any kind of neurological symptoms I'd try vitamins in the water (from the feed store) to see if that helps. But there are good responses to this same problem in the thread below such as to look for mites.

I don't know what would be causing it.
see this thread
and this one

I hope this helps!

(Once when my chickens had mites they shook their heads every 5-15 seconds as if to get something off their necks. But that doesn't sound like what you are describing.)
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If he's otherwise normal and not having the shakes he could be flashing his wattles at the ladies.







I'm assuming the rooster is lice and mite free.
Oh thank you and I will make double sure there are no mites or critters. I do not notice it much but that may have to do with me working full time. I will see if he's strutting and doing the lady dance or whatever.

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