roo, seems sick falling foward otherwise seems fine

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    Hi - has anyone had this happen or know what it is - My roo(mille fleur) Was fine until yesterday then he was hidding from the others and not moving much when I made him move he would be off balance and fall over to the right side or fowards.So I brought him in the house to keep him seperated from the others and a chance to heal.Fed him some mineral water yogurt with applesauce and honey along with his reg feed.This morning there is no change except that now he occassionally makes a funny squaking noise.
    There doesn't seem to be any broken bones (my first thought was a rooster fight and a slip in the wet weather).No nasal discharges,poos are ok, no sneezing,wheezing,crops fine, they were all just wormed and treated for mites, and all the others in the pen seem to be fine. So what could be causing his lack of coordination? Should I give him tetracycline? Baytril? Does anyone know the difference between these two? I thought maybe he's getting dizzy like us humans do when we're sick I know we just got over a bout of some type of flu bug that made you terribly dizzy and sore all over could it possibly be a touch of that? Thanks for any help.
    I had another roo who had similar syptoms a yr or two ago he's fine now only I'm not quite sure what cured him.Should I just throw all kinds of meds at him?The last time someone on here named Sammi helped me out teremendously are they still on here does anyone know?
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    Sorry, forgot to mention that he is also shaking like he is cold only I know that it isn't cold cause the temp in the room is 80.Any ideas please!
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    Jan 1, 2008
    Sammi has good advice. Can you try do a search from your last experience? That way you could do the same things.

    I my opinion, I do not think meds can help your roo. Isolation and vitamins may help. Mareks presents these symptoms, but I do not know what else, if anything does.

    If I had a chicken that was like this, I would try and help it, and if it had a lack of coordination for more than a couple of days I would cull it. That is because I would suspect mareks, and once they have it, they will always be carriers and could affect others later on. If it is mareks, almost all of your young birds in the future could contract this disease. And it would be heartbreaking. I culled a 7 week old chick last week because of lack of coordination. I have not seen any other of my chickens sick as of yet. IMO Mille d Uccles seem to be particularly susceptible to this.

    If anyone has different advice to give you that would be great, but that is my experience, if it is any help.
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    thanks, There doesn't seem to be anything to be done about mareks nor does there seem to be any real cause for it.I think I'm going to try to find out as much as I can about it.I see alot of people on here with chickens with coordination problems it seems hard to believe it could all be mareks,that's why it interests me so much.How can so many chickens possibly get this disease and so many others not? I realize some chickens just die because of ???, but, there must be some reason.Thanks for your advice I will definatly consider it.

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