ROO, what does this mean?


11 Years
Jun 3, 2008
upper peninsula
When I go outside and let the chickies out, my ROO always stands around so I talk to him. I tell him how pretty he is, what a big boy he is etc, etc. When I talk to him he kinda growls and turns toward me with his one wing dropped a little, and his head is dropped to the ground also, sometimes he plucks the grass up sometimes not. Is he mad at me? Does he not like me? I thought the growling was cute, is cute. He does it to all the hens and other roosters too. He even does it in the coop at night. He is very big. All the chickies are Buff Orpingtons. They are almost 4 months old. Could it be possible he thinks I am a rival? Have any of you had a rooster act like this? What does it mean?
He's courting you.
I could be wrong, but it sounds like he is doing the chicken dance for ya. That is what I call it. In other words it is what my roosters do to the girls when they want to mate with them.
My Buff Orp. Roo, Ralphie, dances for me and does this coo thing. I'm the only who can handle him.

The other day my 6 yr. old son was tossing seed and bread crumbs at me and Ralphie came to my rescue
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