Roo with a knot on his face

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    My dark Cornish roo developed a knot on the side of his face in front of his eye about the size of a garbanzo bean. I was outside to see how many roos I had as a man wanted a couple. I thought I had several but I realized that those I was waiting for some tail feathers to grow on, just wasn't going to happen...they are all pullets except 2.
    Anyway...I couldn't find my roo with the knot on his face and started worrying maybe something had happened to him. Then I noticed one of the two roos had what looked like an infected eye, but there was no knot. Now I think that knot may have "blown". I picked him a couple of really nice scratches...and cleaned his face and around his eye. I couldn't catch him again to put antibiotic salve on it but will today.
    Could this have been an impacted sinus???

    I lanced this knot some time ago but it was too deep and nothing came out.
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