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    I've posted about this guy before, but he is now almost 4 months old and he still has watery eyes. Its clear, no sneezing, or no runny nose or anything. He's been with one of my hens and another roo from the same place, and 1 serama hen from another place. None of the other have ever show'd signs of anything, he also is in the top pen of a shelf type pen that I have. 3 other pens below him, so I know the dander and all that falls in the pens below him. None of those have ever show'd symptoms of anything.

    I hatched him under a broody which is the hen he's still with, along with the other roo and the serama. At day 2 or 3 his eye started to swell shut, I doctored him for weeks with Terrimycin eye ointment, which helped alot with the swelling. It at one time swelled horribly and I honesty thought he wouldnt be able to see out of that eye. His eyes are normal now except that they run. Every now and then you'll find dried crust under them but all it is the shaving and dust from his litter. Also he is a Sizzle roo and does have crest. Any ideas???

    I dont really need him and thought about takin him to the swap we have sat but I dont want anyone to think I'm saleing sick birds. I honestly dont think he's sick, just not sure what his deal is??
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    Maybe he is getting litter in his eyes
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    I'm honestly starting to think he's allergic to the pine shavings, is that possible??
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    are they a commercial mix?
    could it be ammonia fumes?
    has the coop been cleaned recently?
    is the coop/pen well ventilated?
    can you post a pic?

    it's possible he could be sensitive..I recently read a post here about a bird with that problem..

    is he wheezing? or have mucus from his nostrils?
    has he been treated for mites?
    is he being bullied and pecked?

    I'd get some saline eye wash..not for contacs..or anything that "gets the red out"..just plain saline eye wash..ask the pharmacist.
    squirt out the eyes and clean them with soft gauze..not cotton ball..
    you can try the terramycin eye ointment again..
    it sounds like conjuntivitis..
    or here is a source that has other eye ointments/drops:

    I'd also try Oxine..available at the same disinfectant in the sideboard..
    he might need some vitamins..check that site for some..he might be lacking in vitamin A..but be careful...too much A is toxic..don't overdo.

    I'm glad you decided not to take him to a sale.
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    My rooster developed watery eyes - no other symptoms, never acted sick or off his feed - I put vitamins in the water "GQF Vitamins Plus" and it cleared up the next day. Maybe just a coincidence although I read somewhere that Vitamin A deficiency can affect chickens this way. GQF comes in an envelop, its a powder you mix 1 teaspoon with a gallon of water. Only use 3 times in a row then once a week. I am really pretty new at this, so if anyone out there with more experience has something to add or a correction to make - please do!

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    Thanks guys, his cage is cleaned pretty often, hang on I'll find a pic of it.

    He lives up top with the other 3, so its not real ventilated. So that could be his problem. I'll try to get pics of him. I do feel like its a problem with his surroundings or vitamin problem myself. Just wanted to see if anyone else thought so too.
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    do the eye wash...
    see if moving him helps

    a vitamin treatment might not hurt..

    ADE powder or pills, Cod Liver Oil pills..and Oxine..
    available here:

    you might try some Poly-vi-sol liquid baby vitamins, Enfamil brand, no iron..give 3 drops on beak once a day for 5 days then taper off for a week..
    I think Poly.. has A in it..

    the GQF Vitamins Plus is available at:

    keep watch for crust or mucus..or any wheezing..
    sometimes eye problems are early symptoms of respiratory illness..

    The cage set up is pretty good..but I'm thinking you might be right...the top might not be as well ventilated as the lower ones..

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