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Dec 28, 2014
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Hi peeps ,

Was wondering who I'd be best calling to do a roof on my chicken run ( roofer or joiner ) I've emailed a couple of both but no replies yet I really don't have the time to do it myself due to work commitments at the moment and due to really bad weather it's like a swamp in the run now it's about 13 meter X 3 meter any help would be great..


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Oct 16, 2010
If by joiner you mean framing carpenter then yes, hire a framer as I suspect you don't have posts and roofing timber up yet. Any framer/carpenter can throw on roofing once the framing is done but a roofer won't be the fastest framer so money best spent is to hire the framer who can easily screw on roofing panels. With panels there is no need for plywood sheathing. There are nice polycarbonate clear roofing panels nowadays so you'd maintain full light yet keep it dry.

Shingled roof is less expensive material wise but with labor costs involved a tin or polycarbonate roof is inexpensive. No labor or cost of plywood sheathing and labor of putting on roofing panels is low. Longest time spent is getting the first sheet square then it flies on. I you match the high hat outline (get roofing from same company) you can mix and match tin with polycarbonate to have sky lights.

In essence and if the term is the same down under as it is here your asking them to build a "pole barn". Those many times are not sided and used for tractor storage. If that term is used there it would convey quickly to a joiner (framer) what you want. Here any serious framer would scoff at a job to put a roof on chicken run but would jump at a nice little 3-5 day, no idea the size of run, pole barn job.
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