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9 Years
Mar 19, 2012
New Hampshire
Hi Everyone
We are in the process of building our coop.... and are unsure about what to use for roofing... we could use straight plywood and shingles wiht flashing etc. or a metal roof... but someone suggested the corrugated plastic .... it seemed like it could be a good idea and let light into the coop as well.

We are in Northern New England (NH) and my only concern about that roofing material would be temperature control in both summer and winter.
The coop is near electric but is not wired and I would think that the plastic roofing would allow for more light as it does come in various colors...

any thoughts on roofing materials

most coops have shingles. chickens makes up for lack of taste and smell in sight so lighting is not exactly nessisary maybe a widow or two.
I finished my coop a few weeks ago and I used Ice & Water Shield for my roofing. I cannot tell you how well it performs...haven't had a winter with it as yet. But it did come highly reccomended by a building contractor that I have as a neighbor. Mine was left over material from an addition project at my dad's house.

I used I used a corrugated plastic solar panel for my coop. So far, so good. It does let in a lot of light! Easy to work with. Not expensive.

thanks everyone ... thats really helpful.... the coop is fairly large and has a big door.... I like the look of the corrugated plastic... I just wonder if it would be warm enough for these northern NH winters....

thanks everyone for your help... I am going to have to figure this out... I want happy chickens in the taj mahen

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