Rooroo gives my dog what for!!

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    Jun 24, 2008
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I never let my dog out without my supervision these days because when we had little chicks she killed two "retrieving" them to me. But, now my roo is five months old and getting pretty well you know! [​IMG]

    So they flock and the dog and I were out having treats while I cleaned water bottles when the dog decided to check out what was in the chicken treat bowl. Rooroo reared back and gave her a sharp peck on the head! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Yeah! [​IMG] chalk one up for chickendom! The dog looked SO shocked!!

    But, she gives them all a wide berth now! [​IMG]
  2. hahahahaha.. I can totally relate...
    I have 3 boys in the yard with my dogs, just now adjusting to letting all the dogs around certain chickens (3.5mo old) and one of them likes to chase one of our smaller dogs and attack her butt as she runs away. Normally, this is the dog I worry about with the chickens cuz she's silly & playful, but every since Stubby the chicken started chasing her around the yard, now she doesn't even want to go out & pee!


    He also attacks our big Great Pyranese if he gets too close to him. Too funny.
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    Lol!! I to can relate. I have my pet duck in my room that I bring out during the day. My cat came in to check him out and the duck hissed. Cat was still curious. So he got close to the duck and the duck gave him a huge peck on the head. The cat freaked out and darted out my room. Now the cat stays next to the front door but never comes in.
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    Jun 14, 2008
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    My cats have never bothered the girls but since the girls have hit puberty, the poor cats get no rest in the back yard. The chickens constantly challenge the poor kitties. [​IMG]

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