Roos maturity age?


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May 13, 2009
Central MO
Just wondering what age roos become ...umm... active? And, what age they become reliably fertile? Mine are 12-14 weeks and I noticed some muddy marks on some of my pullets backs, and it's most noticable on the white/light colored pullets. Could I have an active roo ( I know I have a few young cockerals) but none crowing and none I have seen doing/trying to do the "deed". Could someone else just be stepping on her making it look like she is being covered? Would they even be attempting to mate yet?

Looks to me like she's got poop on her.

BUT, I have an almost 16 week old leghorn roo who is getting his business done with year old hens.... and I hate it but I've got to get rid of him, he's been crowing for a month.
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I know it looks like poo, but it's been muddy and rainy here in mid MO, lots of flash flooding. Wish it would save some back for later this summer say July/August - but nah it dumps it all on us within about a 2-3 week period this year, lol
Wish you'd send a little of that rain this way.

DW and I will be in Keokuk, Iowa next month... I'm hoping it's cooled down a little that week.

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